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8 October, 2011

Handsome Boy Modeling School – The Songs – Megaton B-Boy 2000

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This track I picked mostly because of how different it sounds.  This song hits you right in the face from the start just because of how intensely blown out it is.  This is definitely not the usual hip-hop fare.  Part of the reason I’m so entranced here is because hip-hop very rarely ventures outside of clean recordings and an almost formulaic approach to the sonic qualities of the songs. This piece ends up sounding almost like a noise project, not entirely, but not too far off either.  In fact, I am reminded of a band that is sorely overlooked in rock circles even, Laddio Bolocko, one of their more abrasive songs instantly comes to mind when I hear this track.

It’s seriously good to know that people like to delve into different sensibilities when it comes to just the overall tone or sound of a track.  I’d like to think that not every form of music is so solipsistic that it only sounds like conventional wisdom says it’s supposed to.  Kanye West (I know, I know) pulls from odd enough places like King Crimson and Can and I feel as if it’s one of his saving graces.

The rapping itself is pretty intense but largely indecipherable as far as its intent goes. This is problematic because some words do come through and they aren’t nice ones.  The song is peppered with what seem to be anti-gay slurs such as “faggot” and “fairy”.  This would be an automatic deal killer for me if I wasn’t somehow convinced there was something else at work aside form some gross homophobia.  Also in the song are references to “castrati” and “The Ambiguously-Gay Duo”.  These seem to have a cultural currency to them that might override some ugly name-calling.  I seriously hope this is the case because I’d hate to think bad of these two guys and I’d really hate to think of a record that is so idiosyncratic and creative as having an element that is so retrograde at the same time.  Perhaps they are poking fun at aggressive machismo.  I’ll cross my fingers and give them the benefit of the doubt.  This is one of those times I think I’d like to know what the lyrics are and it’s one of the few instances where I’m not allowed to.

Incidentally, this is the one track of the three that isn’t on youtube.

Rating: 4 out of 5 with an asterisk in case all that ugliness is in earnest.

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