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20 November, 2011

Who’s to say

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Now I am admittedly a person who favors Barack Obama over Rumsfeld and Bush.  I personally think the latter two belong in jail somewhere for the Iraq war, but that is neither here nor there in this argument.  To the question of whether or not certain interviews should be shown, I say that anything having to deal with our government should be shown.  Even if you end up with the tedium that is occasionally interrupted by some sort of insanity that C-Span trades in, it should be out there for those who like to pay attention.  I personally don’t have the requisite patience but power to those that do.


Now I again admit that I have a certain bias as to the three interviewees but I do think that there are some differences here.  My mother would likely see it differently, but whatever.  I didn’t feel as if the Irish woman was cutting Bush off really but he seemed to think so.  He seemed angrier that she wasn’t asking him the questions he wanted to be asked.  Cut to Rumsfeld and he just comes off like the ultimate jerk.  I think he had a chip on his shoulder about being on Al Jazeera to be honest.  The fact that the interviewer isn’t deferential to him looks like the problem here.  The Obama interview looks different honestly.  I like Obama for the most part.  I do feel like any question asked of him was only done as a formality.  Whenever he gets halfway through an answer Brett Baier either throws another at him or presses appoint to him. He didn’t let him get anything out.  I know I have a bias but as objectively as I can see it Obama was being gracious to a bully.  He even smirks at the end like it was a joke of an interview.  I’m surprised he even agreed to go on Fox at all.


Anyway, eye of the beholder and all that…

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