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5 November, 2011

Boredoms, Vision Creation Newsun. The songs, Tilde.

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Track 5, or “~”, or “Tilde” begins with a chunk of “Spiral” tacked on to the beginning, much like every song on the album.  We get two full minutes of nice guitar fade-ups which cross from ear to ear along with drums that seem oddly treated and cut off, almost like they are cut up samples that are stuck back together.  This lull leads into a fuller and fuller piece as the drums reemerge and you think you are headed for another crescendo and a possible tedium through repetition.  Instead the track rolls along really nicely whilst somehow remaining subdued.  This is a trick that only Boredoms seem to be able to harness well.  Usually this sort of hippie jam is just completely uninteresting but the rhythm track is what really saves it here.  Not to say Boredoms never engage in really subdued jams, but this one just starts giving you the feel, complete with bird calls and lapping wave noises.  When the drums kick in at around 2:20 or so, they provide a propulsiveness that is totally unexpected.  This again underscores the brilliance of a three-drummer setup.  The drums run so thick through here that it doesn’t bog down into a stupid and tedious 4/4 pattern.

Also, again, Yamamoto’s guitar work is completely understated and beautiful.  As a complement to the previous track, we mostly get acoustic instead of electric going on here but there are at least three, maybe four different lines snaking though one another.  Again, some are segregated from side to side and others run straight up the middle.  Again, it isn’t so much any of the individual bits he is playing but the effect of the whole.  And again, the subtlety and beauty of the simple lines Yamamoto weaves together just make the whole track intensely satisfying without making a huge fanfare of it.

This song, and the one before it provide a sort of pivot point of the record where it sort of flips into a negative version of its first half.  “Tilde” is sort of a mellower mirror to “Spiral”, especially in the guitar.  The record isn’t without loudness and bombast from here on in but it is definitely more subdued and less busy than the first half.

Rating- 5 of 5

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