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5 November, 2011

Boredoms, Vision Creation Newsun. The songs, ずっと.

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The one exception to the symbol-as-song-title practice is the final track of the album.  Even though it isn’t a symbol, it may as well be to non-Japanese speakers.  “ずっと”or “Zutto” is the slow afterthought to complement the bombast of the opening track.  The driving drums are here multiple layers of bongos and noodly, atmospheric guitar work on top.  Eye’s vocals also peep out one last time here but his words are the least intelligible of the whole piece.

We again are treated to some of Yamamoto’s layered brilliance here.  Sadly, it would be the last appearance he would make with Boredoms, that’s for a later post though.  The really special thing about this track is how it reaffirms a certain symmetry to the album.  While the first track started out as a sunrise and was filled with activity, “Zutto” goes the other direction and is quiet and satisfied.  While “Circle” ends with a sort of zoning out and a comparative lull, “Zutto” actually rises slightly toward the end.  Interestingly, and this goes for the whole record, the raising of tension or mood or tone isn’t achieved through a simple rise and fall of volume, it isn’t nearly that binary in how it treats mood.  Instead the guitar tracks are multiplied, even as the drum tracks fade out.  It’s entirely emblematic of the complexity that “Vision Creation Newsun” shows throughout, a complexity that is often easily overlooked.

If thought of with the premise that the first song dramatizes a sunrise, then the middle two tracks discussed earlier (“Spiral” and “Tilde”) can be seen as the flurry of midday with the sun reaching and then passing its apogee.  By extension, “Zutto” feels like sunset with its calmness and serenity culminating in a final flash of brilliance as the sun finally disappears behind the horizon.  I realize this sounds really corny and overblown as an explanation but having seen it performed live, I can attest to the fact that the band are entirely in earnest about the whole sun motif.  In the hands of almost any other band it would come off as laughable but somehow Boredoms can just make it work.

Rating- 5 of 5

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